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Fit & Lean with Matt Green 8 Week Program

Fit & Lean with Matt Green 8 Week Program



Who doesn’t want to get lean and fit? You won't miss a beat with this 8 week program.  Learn from me Matt Green international fitness model, I cover an entire plan to help you cut fat and maintain muscle mass over a full 8 weeks of personal coaching.

  • 8 Weeks of Workouts

  • 8 Weeks of Personal Nutrition & Meal Planning Guidance

  • 2 1:1 Calls to help set goals andf help along the way

  • Personal access to me

  • Top Food Sources and Grocery List

  • How To Determine Your Body Type

  • How To Understand Your Metabolism

  • My Full Day Of Eating Guide 

  • Understanding Cheat Meals (The Right Way to Cheat) 

  • Full Supplementation Guide (Exclusive discounts on Arms Race Nutrition)

  • The Truth About Cardio Guide - Full Cardio Routine

  • Plus Mindset Training & Coaching


This program covers everything you will need while training in the gym, to make a huge transformation! 



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What to get shredded and have full pumped muscles?


This intense workout consists of 600 total reps per session done in around 60 minutes. Sounds crazy, I know but it works… I use this training style before my magazine fitness shoots.

I am now sharing me secrets to this killer workout that hits the entire body. Giving you a total body pump to help you get ripped quick by cutting body fat and building muscle mass!

    The Great Outdoor Workout

    The Great Outdoor Workout

    $49.00Regular Price$10.00Sale Price

    To keep your workouts fresh we are taking it outside in this Great Outdoors Workout.


    This workout is designed to help switch things up. It's easy to fall into the trap of doing the same routine in the gym every week. So I created this workout to help give you some variation in your routine, designed after my grandfather’s generation of manual labor jobs and the movements that those required.

    This is a 60 minute total body workout! Get outside and build muscle in a new way, while working on your core and staying lean with The Great Outdoors Workout.

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    Disclaimer - Results with the programs from are not guaranteed.  Every individual's results are based on the effort that they put into the program.  All nutritional information is purely guidance.  It is always smart to consult with a physician before any physical activity.  Matt Green provides information on his own transformation to help others with their fitness goals.  Matt Green is not a nutritionist and gives users actionable steps to achieve success in fitness, based on his own journey and experience in helping others make changes. Please take any actions needed in consulting with a health professional before starting a program. In taking a program you agree that Matt Green cannot be held liable for any injury or health-related issues created for yourself or others.

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