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Who doesn’t want to get lean and fit? You won't miss a beat with this 8 week program.  Learn from me Matt Green international fitness model, I cover an entire plan to help you cut fat and maintain muscle mass over a full 8 weeks of personal coaching.

  • 8 Weeks of Workouts

  • 8 Weeks of Personal Nutrition & Meal Planning Guidance

  • 2 1:1 Calls to help set goals andf help along the way

  • Personal access to me

  • Top Food Sources and Grocery List

  • How To Determine Your Body Type

  • How To Understand Your Metabolism

  • My Full Day Of Eating Guide 

  • Understanding Cheat Meals (The Right Way to Cheat) 

  • Full Supplementation Guide (Exclusive discounts on Arms Race Nutrition)

  • The Truth About Cardio Guide - Full Cardio Routine

  • Plus Mindset Training & Coaching


This program covers everything you will need while training in the gym, to make a huge transformation! 


What to get shredded and have full pumped muscles?


This intense workout consists of 600 total reps per session done in around 60 minutes. Sounds crazy, I know but it works… I use this training style before my magazine fitness shoots.

I am now sharing me secrets to this killer workout that hits the entire body. Giving you a total body pump to help you get ripped quick by cutting body fat and building muscle mass!